Development Credits


We wish to thank the Carnegie Corporation of New York for generous support for the development of this multimedia web-based project.  The support was through a Biological-and-Chemical-Weapons-Control ScientistÕs-Working-Group grant to the Federation of American Scientists and The Center for Arms Control and Non Proliferation.  Barbara Rosenberg was the grantÕs Principal Investigator and initiator of the project.


Lynn Klotz was principal designer and developer of the multimedia materials.  Rajendra Aldis was principal designer and developer for Unit 2.  Lynn Klotz narrated the Units. 


Lisa BreamÕs Flash-programming skills were indispensable.  We look forward to finally taking advantage of her award winning production and design skills as we develop a special version for students whose understanding of spoken English and whose computer capabilities are minimal.


Special thanks to Rob Sprinkle whose advice and edits throughout the project was extremely important to its successful completion.  Special thanks also to Alan Pearson for insightful comments on the Units and considerable effort to promote the project. Special thanks also to Joanna Lu, who devised the educational strategy.


Thanks to Gil Wilson and interns Jennifer Kline and Malika Good for their efforts to locate original sources of images for proper crediting.


Experts on Biological and Chemical Weapons Control contributed substantially to the accuracy and balance of the content.  They were:  Milton Leitenberg, Mark Wheelis, and Barbara Rosenberg,


Others who have contributed comments and edits include Will Diehl, John Borrie, Chandre Gould, Marie Chevrier, Stephanie Loranger, and Mary Ann Bakia.