PLS2003-3 Table of Contents


March 2003, 22:1

From the Editor
Robert H. Sprinkle, “A mix of motives,” Politics and the Life Sciences, March 2003, 22:1, p. 1.

Robert E. Gilbert, “Coping with presidential disability: The proposal for a standing medical commission,” Politics and the Life Sciences, March 2003, 22:1, pp. 2-13.

Peter J. Balint, “How ethics shape the policy preferences of environmental scientists: What we can learn from Lomborg and his critics,” Politics and the Life Sciences, March 2003, 22:1, pp. 14-23.

William J. Long and Peter Brecke, “The emotive causes of recurrent international conflicts,”Politics and the Life Sciences, March 2003, 22:1, pp. 24-35.

Graduate Student Award

Michelle Cristiani, “Adolescent females’ strategic behavior within romantic relationships,”Politics and the Life Sciences, March 2003, 22:1, pp. 36-42.

Guest Commentary

David Wasserman, “This old house: The human genome and human body as objects of historic preservation,”Politics and the Life Sciences, March 2003, 22:1, pp. 43-47.

Harrison Symposium III

Edited by Dennis C. Pirages

How well adapted is evolutionary ethics?

About this series, p. 48.

Peter A. Corning, “Evolutionary ethics: An idea whose time has come? An overview and an affirmation,” p. 50.

C. Fred Alford, “Comment on Peter Corning’s ‘Evolutionary ethics,” p. 59.

David Sloan Wilson, “Evolutionary ethics: Multilevel selection is not enough,” p. 62.

Joseph Losco, “Evolutionary ethics: An idea whose time has come?,” p. 64.

William D. Casebeer, “Evolutionary ethics: An argument for ‘new wave’ Aristotelianism,” p. 67.

Heidi Morrison Ravven, “Spinozistic approaches to evolutionary naturalism: Spinoza’s anticipation of contemporary affective neuroscience,” p. 70.

Dennis C. Pirages, “Coevolutionary ethics: Darwin’s brighter side,” p. 75.

Book Reviews

Edited by Richard Sherlock

Nigel Barber, The Science of Romance: Secrets of the Sexual Brain, reviewed by Michael Hammond, p. 79.

Susan M. Behuniak and Arthur G. Svenson, Physician-Assisted Suicide: The Anatomy of a Constitutional Law Issue, reviewed by John M. Strate, p. 79.

William D. Casebeer, Natural Ethical Facts, reviewed by Charles Huenemann, p. 81.

Peter Corning, Nature’s Magic: Synergy in Evolution and the Fate of Humankind, reviewed by J. P. van Gigch, p. 83.

Eric T. Freyfogle, The Land We Share: Private Property and the Common Good, reviewed by Nancy Meyer-Emerick, p. 86.

Jürgen Habermas, translated by William Rehg, Max Pensky, and Hella Beister, The Future of Human Nature, reviewed by Richard Sherlock, p. 88.

John M. Meyer, Political Nature: Environmentalism and the Interpretation of Western Thought, reviewed by Roger D. Masters, p. 90.

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